Real Stories of Transformation

Welcome to our Testimonials page, where the KB Wellness community shares their inspiring stories of transformation and well-being. Here, we celebrate the journeys of individuals who have embraced a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle with KB Wellness kits and essentials. 

Let these real stories inspire you to embark on your wellness adventure!


“Since I was a child I was already constipated. I was not able to address it until I become an adult. Because of decades of toxins, parasites and bacteria that accumulated in my gut, it manifested on my skin through persistent acne on my face. It was only after I did the 30-day colon cleanse that I was able to find true relief from constipation. My bowel movement became regular since then. What I love are the bonus results like clearing up of my face, higher energy levels that I can do more activities without getting tired easily, deeper sleep and happier mood. I do it annually as part of my self-care practice”

- Kim Basa | Wellness Coach and Founder of KB Wellness

“I was having problems then due to my gallstones. Doing the 30-day colon cleanse gave me ease from pain and I think this was an intro for me to become healthy again! As a bonus, I lost weight because I was able to release unnecessary wastes I have been keeping in my tummy for years.”

- Joan Bondoc | Owner, Quick Time Courier Services


I have a history of constipation and had difficulty going about "my business". When I enrolled in this program, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Foremost, I have no difficulty in going about "my business". I don't need to exert effort in releasing it. It just slides into the bowl. The color is a very light brown and hardly any smell emanates from it. This colon cleanse program is helpful for those who have hemorrhoids. I, too, had hemorrhoids and this program assisted me in a faster healing. I do this program bi-annually and I tell my friends to do the same. Hope you could too. Thank you.

- Richard Cuan | President, New World Printing Corporation

“I have been a BioReishi coffee drinker for several months already. Being a coffee drinker myself, I must admit that aside from the great taste it also has health benefits and antioxidants. I feel that everytime I drink BioReishi coffee, it also boosts my energy for the whole day. My morning is not complete without having a cup of BioReishi to boost my day.”

- Nedge Abrasia


Prime Start Colon Cleanse really helped clear my body of toxins and other wastes. There is a noticeable improvement in the metabolism and it proved to be a very easy and hassle-free way of detoxing.

- Renzo Manuel | President, iFortify Structural Engineering Services

My 3-in-1 replacement for needed perk-me-up after lunch. Breaking the bad habit slowly with BioReishi coffee. Masarap sya - mas masarap kesa sa Nescafe 3-in-1.

- Therese Berrey

Join the KB Wellness community and share your own success story. Your journey could inspire others to take the first step towards a healthier, happier life. Let KB Wellness be your partner in unlocking your full potential. Cheers to your wellness!

Note: Testimonials are from real clients.